Steps of a Post Repair Inspection

Getting a post repair inspection could save your life and your car. But how do they work? At Barry’s Auto Body, we go through an eight step process when conducting a post repair inspection.

The first step, of course, is taking a good look at the vehicle and determining whether or not a post repair inspection is necessary. Next we get a copy of the insurance statement or estimate to make sure that everything listed was done correctly. We then have our mechanics check all the repair gaps to make sure the car lines up. Once that is finished, we have a member of our team check the paint surfaces and ensure that the paint has been applied evenly and without error. It is important to go beyond the aesthetics of the vehicle.  We pull back rugs and unclip panels to find any open welds, bare metal, missing spot welds or misaligned structural panels. At this step of the process, we are able to decide if it is necessary to move forward with the final steps of the post repair inspection. We then contact the insurance company to inform them of the situation and have them pay for the additional repair. Post repair inspections are of no cost to our customers because the insurance company has a contractual obligation with the insured to pay for vehicle repairs that are a result of a car accident. If you think you may need to get your car checked out after a recent repair, call us at (718) 948-8585!