You Can Depend On Our Staff

At Barry’s Auto Body, we are proud of each and every aspect of our business. However, we pride ourselves most in the expert staff members that make our team so dependable. Getting in a car accident is extremely stressful; that’s why it’s extremely important that you find a body shop with a comforting, helpful, knowledgeable and dependable staff.

How much will the repair cost? What parts of my car are damaged? How long will the repair process take? Every employee at your body shop should be able to answer these questions without hesitation. At Barry’s Auto Body, we provide every customer with a written estimate and warranty to ensure that you are fully aware of the timing and costs that are associated with your vehicle’s repair. At every step of the process, you can be completely free of stress, knowing that your car is in good hands.

One of the most important qualities of a dependable staff is the ability to communicate clearly and quickly. Thanks to modern day technology, communication has become easier than ever. Aside from the traditional call or visit to our shop, you can contact us on one of the various social media platforms that we have set up- Blogger, Flickr, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Instagram! These pages are also the best way to check out the latest news updates and deals from the most dependable body shop in Staten, Island, New York- Barry’s Auto Body!