The Winter is Coming…

As the summer comes to a close, so do the days of easy riding in pleasant, calm weather.  While the winter does come with its perks (holidays, hot chocolate, ice skating), drivers must deal with new hazards on the road.  The colder weather brings frozen roads, longer times driving at night, and snowstorms. These factors may be the reasons why most traffic collisions occur during the months of September to December (Source pg. 8).   

To prepare for the grueling winter months, drivers need to inspect their vehicles to make sure all components are working as intended, such as their battery, engine, brakes, and tires.  While most accidents are difficult to prevent, some collisions can be avoided if proper preparation is made for the winter.

There are over a dozen auto body shops on Staten Island where vehicle owners could go.  Barry’s Auto Body, however, stands above the rest. Located at 4301 Amboy Road, Barry’s Auto Body has been serving Staten Island’s vehicle owners for over thirty-five years.  Their employees are ASE-certified technicians who can prepare their client’s vehicles for the winter months. They perform brake repairs and replacements, wheel alignments, fluid checks, and inspections, all of which will prepare vehicles to perform at their best during the cold.  Should an accident occur, Barry’s Auto Body offers collision and electrical repair, detailing, and painting. If vehicle owners are worried about road salt corroding the outside of their cars or staining their mats, Barry’s Auto Body offers car washes and interior shampooing.

It is never too soon to start planning for the future.  It is unknown if the next half-year will bring mild weather or the next coming of the Ice Age.  While most would prefer the former, the latter is always a possibility. Barry’s Auto Body will prepare you and your vehicle for the unpredictable winter.