Three Things to Know When You Experience an Auto Collision

If you experienced an auto collision due to inclement weather or icy roads, there are a few things you should know to make sure that your vehicle is fixed properly.

First: Check to be sure that no one is injured.  Your safety and the safety of your passengers is, and should be, your most important concern.  Cars can be repaired or replaced. You and your passengers are your most precious cargo so be sure everyone in the vehicle is well.  Dial 911 immediately to request assistance if you or a passenger are experiencing pain as a result of an auto collision.  Medical professionals will arrive on the scene to care for you or your injured passengers.  If you are hurt, they will secure your vehicle and transport it to a safe location, then they will inform your loved ones or friends that there was an accident and tell them where they are taking you to get medical attention.  Remember, your health and the health of your passengers is of the utmost importance.  Seek medical attention if you feel you need it.

Second: If you and your passengers are safe but your vehicle needs to be towed, remain inside your vehicle and call 911 for help.  If your auto collision occurred on a highway or a state road, you may have to wait a few minutes for the tow truck because not all tow trucks are allowed on all roads.  This is done to protect the driver from unscrupulous activity, but it can increase the time you will have to await for assistance in big cities.  Be patient and stay inside your vehicle until the police arrive. They will direct you.  While you wait, you should call your auto collision repair shop to alert them to the accident and the fact that you will be having the car brought into them.  When the tow truck arrives, you have the right to request that they tow your car to the collision shop of your choice. They may charge you extra if they have to pay tolls or drive great distances so be sure to inform your auto collision shop about your location at the time of the collision so the people there can assist you in getting your vehicle to them at the lowest cost possible.

Third: Let your auto collision repair shop help you file your insurance claim.  This will ensure that your insurance claim is filed correctly and that your vehicle is repaired completely.  You pay insurance to be sure that your car is repaired properly in the event that you have an auto collision, so make sure that your insurance company upholds their end of the agreement to have your vehicle repaired completely. Some insurance companies want you to use their drive in shops to assess the vehicle’s damage.  The intent behind that is to process your claim more quickly.  Unfortunately, quicker isn’t always better as needed repairs could get missed.  Rather than take the chance that your vehicle won’t be fixed correctly the first time, allow your auto collision shop to help you file your claim and repair your vehicle properly.

If you have had your vehicle fixed by another auto collision shop and you feel that something isn’t quite right, bring it in to Barry’s Auto Body for a free post repair inspection. If we see that repairs were missed the first time, we will repair them and bill your insurance company.  Call us at 718 948-8585.