Where do you go for dependable collision repair on Staten Island?

It’s not hard to find dependable collision repair on Staten Island if you know where to look.

Look for dependable collision repair by doing the following things:

  • Speak to friends and neighbors
  • Call the Chamber of Commerce
  • Ask members of the Kiwanis or Rotary
  • Look for reviews on line

Any of these methods will help you to find an auto body shop that does good work and is trustworthy.

Here are the reasons why Google and a Yellow Pages search are not the right way to choose an auto body shop.

Google – Digital advertising will bring you the auto body shop that has paid the most money for an ad, but it won’t tell you whether they perform dependable collision repair.  For that information you need to dig deeper by asking others.  Believe me, it will be well worth your effort.

Your car carries you, your family and friends.  Picking an auto body shop that has the best ad won’t ensure that the shop does the job right.  However, if you decide that a Google search is the right way to choose, take the time to read about the shop. Find out if they offer a written warranty for their work.  Find out if they provide quality customer service and take a look at their work.

Yellow pages ads – Again, a great yellow pages ad only provides you with the information the shop wants you to have – not the information you need.  However, if a paid ad catches your attention, take the time to call the shop and ask questions.  You will be able to tell almost immediately if they offer quality customer service by the way their staff speaks to you and by the amount of knowledge they have about the shop.

Finding dependable collision repair on Staten Island shouldn’t be difficult as long as you know where to look and you ask the right questions.