You Had Your Car Repaired – But Was it Done Properly?

If you had a car accident and no one was injured, the following scenario is likely what you experienced.

  • You have a car accident.
  • You experienced damage to your vehicle.
  • You call your insurance company.
  • The person on the phone is very sympathetic to your situation.  S/he asks if anyone was hurt.
  • You relay that no one was injured but your car is damaged.
  • The insurance company tells you that you are covered for damages and suggests that you bring the car to one of the auto repair shops that participate in their direct repair program to have the damages fixed.  This shop will save money and since they work with the insurance company they are familiar with the company’s process so there will be less stress with the claim.
  • You agree because you believe that if the auto repair shop works closely with the insurance company that they will do a better job and return your vehicle promptly.
  • The shop fixes your car quickly and returns your vehicle to you.
  • When you drive the vehicle it feels like its performance has changed.
  • You bring your car back to the shop for an auto repair inspection but they say that everything is working properly.

Unfortunately, this scenario is one that occurs fairly regularly.  Saving money and working with an auto repair shop that is familiar with the practices of your insurance company sounds like a great idea, but it doesn’t always turn out to be a good idea.  Here is why:

You pay insurance premiums so that you can have your vehicle fixed properly. Saving money won’t get you a refund on your premium, it will only put money in the pocket of the insurance company.  The way they save money under the direct repair program is by negotiating prices for many different services up front with the repair shop in exchange for sending customers to them.  Unfortunately the upfront price negotiation doesn’t always cover all the damages found on the vehicle. Rather than lose money on the job, the DRP shop will find ways to cut corners on the repair.  Simply put, the repair shop gets their money, the insurance company get their money and you are left with a subpar repair.

If the above scenario describes your situation, you can bring your car to Barry’s Auto Body for a post auto repair inspection.  We will go over your car from bumper to bumper to find the incomplete repair then we will fix it and charge it back to your insurance company.

A post auto repair inspection doesn’t cost your any money, but an incomplete repair could cost you your safety. Call us today at 718 948-8585.