Car collision – what you should do.

Hopefully you will never experience a car collision, but with millions of cars on the road, chances are that eventually you will have one.  Here are some of the steps you should take in the event you have an accident:

  1. Be sure everyone is safe – It is important that every passenger in the vehicle wear a seat belt even if you are only traveling a short distance. Most accidents occur within the first few miles of a trip. Check to be sure that no one is critically hurt from the accident and that no one moves from their seat.  Dial 911 immediately to get help – even if no one is hurt.  Dialing 911 will notify the police and get emergency services on their way to you.
  2. Do not get out of the vehicle – Put your hazard lights on to notify other drivers that you have had a car collision and that you will not be moving. This is especially important on a busy roadway. Do not exit the vehicle until help arrives and they tell you it is safe to do so.
  3. Locate your license and insurance information – After checking to be sure that no one is critically injured, the police will want to see your insurance and driver’s license. It would be helpful to locate this information and have it ready while waiting for help.
  4. If you need to be towed after your car collision, alert your auto body shop – Depending on where you live, it is likely that only certain tow companies are allowed on certain roads. These tow truck drivers sometimes have arrangements with certain auto body shops to bring them damaged vehicles. If you want your car towed to your preferred auto body shop, you should call them to let them know that you are having your car towed there. Remember, you are paying for the tow so you have a right to decide where the car should go. The tow truck driver must bring you where you want to go.
  5. Let your auto body shop help you file your claim – After an accident it is normal to be shaken up and confused. To be sure that your vehicle is fixed correctly after a car collision, let your auto body shop help you file your claim. Most shops have experts who can help you so take advantage of the service.