Mufflers and Exhausts- Don’t Leave Them Hangin’

A vehicle’s muffler and exhaust are some of the least-talked-about car parts in the industry. What people don’t know, is that the muffler and exhaust are extremely necessary to keep drivers safe on the road. They help to protect drivers from harmful chemicals that are produced by the use of gasoline, and minimize the noise levels of the vehicle. Your vehicle’s exhaust can also improve engine performance and fuel consumption. Yes, you read that right- that “exhaust thing” is actually helping you save money on gas!

However, both are located at the bottom of the vehicle. This unfortunate placement on the underside of the car leaves them susceptible to damage from rough roads, speedbumps, potholes and strong weather conditions.

Therefore, if you suspect that there is damage to either your muffler or your exhaust, we recommend bringing your vehicle into Barry’s Auto Body – your local AND family-owned Staten Island body shop. A noisy car can be annoying and frustrating but breathing in harmful chemicals can be life-threatening. Don’t put the lives of you and your passengers at risk!

At Barry’s Auto Body, we utilize a 7 step method to ensure that your muffler and exhaust are back in working condition. It is our priority to make sure that each and every customer gets back on the road with a vehicle that is safe for them and for the environment. If you think your vehicle may be in need of exhaust or muffler repair, call your local Staten Island body shop at (718) 948-8585 or visit at 4301 Amboy Road!